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watch Pennies 2006 movie online 123movie date with movie The story of Charlotte Brown,a waitress and young single mother who will do anything for her daughter Jenny, and when push comes to shove, she does. With a menacing figure on the other end of the phone and a time limit of two hours,she must raise enough money to ensure that she sees the smiling face of her child again. Charlotte's customers are her only hope. The clock is ticking as we see the desperate young mother dealing with one eccentric customer after the next, displaying her charming vulnerability and inspiring strength through all the chaos. With her feet firmly planted on the ground, Charlotte maintains her focus and attempts to beat the clock and save the day.

Release:Oct 20, 2006
Genre:Thriller, Drama
Stars:Amy Adams, James Karr, Carol Stanzione, David Reivers, Jason Leiberman, Travis Miljan, Ronnie Schell, Cerina Vincent, Curtis Jackson, Eddie Adams, Marcus Kayne, Ron Ostrow, Zack Ward, Bon Ogle, Matthew Grant Godbey, Darren Le Gallo, Adam Wilhite, Kristina Varvais, Sarah Lilly, Debby Porter

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