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The Second Arrival
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watch The Second Arrival 1998 movie online 123movie date with movie After Zane Ziminski is found dead five people received envelopes with details of an alien invasion. This group of five includes 3 scientists, Zane's brother Jack, and a reporter. Quickly, the group is down to three and then Jack and Bridget, the reporter. With a small piece of alien technology, they must escape from the aliens, who take human form, and try to convince others that aliens exist.

Title:The Second Arrival
Release:Nov 06, 1998
Runtime:1h 41m
Genre:Science Fiction
Stars:Patrick Muldoon, Jane Sibbett, Michael Sarrazin, Catherine Blythe, Michael Scherer, Larry Day, Steve Adams, Emidio Michetti, Stéphane Blanchette, David Nerman, Noël Burton, Mark Trafford, Lisa Kagan, Karen Elkin, Sophie Léger, Don Jordan, Sean Devine, Laurel Paetz, Chad Beamish, Kevin Tenney

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